G-TRACE, the MES built for you...

G-TRACE is a complex MES solution for manufacturing:


An MES is not one single simple application. An effective MES consists of an integrated set of production activity and support applications that have been developed using correctly matched technologies.

With so many components creating an MES,implementing an MES in a variety of degrees becomes possible; from uncomplicated WIP tracking to a solution integrated throughout a plant floor collecting data, monitoring, and managing resources.

The real key to understanding an MES is to be aware that it simply automates the information loop between the shop floor and enterprise information systems. An MES makes up-to-the minute shop floor information available companywide.

MES is the ideal application to collect data needed by any other system in the organization, providing a real-time database for traceability while providing information for continuous improvement in operations.

Key features


Masterdata Maintenance

  • Workcenters, Groups Maintenance
  • Finished Goods, Semi-Finished Goods, Component Maintenance
  • Routing Maintenance
  • Bill of Material Maintenance

Material Management

  • Warehouse Management
  • Production Monitoring for Material Preparation
  • Complaint Management

Production Management

  • WIP Creation and Maintenance
  • WIP Process Monitoring
  • WIP Scheduler
  • E-Shiftbook, loss analysis
  • Quality SubSystem

Production Tracking

  • Realtime Data collection (Interfacing with PLC, RS-232, Network, RF Scanners)
  • Recording and verifying components
  • Immediate Data Validation against masterdata settings
  • Routing validation
  • Feedback for operators displays
  • Packaging, Palletizing
  • Online sticker printing
  • Line Events - Andon

Realtime Displays

  • Production actuals/efficiency, traffic light, trend calculations, announcements
  • Orders for material preparation
  • Dashboard for Management

Reporting System

  • Flexible Production reports
  • Traceability Reports (Complex Genealogy)
  • Process reports (Missing sets, booking events)


  • Workorder/Backflush Interfacing with ERP System (SAP, etc.)
  • Scheduled data export via Email or FTP.
  • Detailed logging of Interface events

Administrative tasks

  • User Mode or Role Mode (automatic workstation)
  • User Maintenance, Group Rights
  • Error and Event list viewer
  • Client Management, Remote Installer
  • General System Policy

Other key features

  • Maultilangual Interface
  • Built-in documentation
  • Multi Threaded Process Execution

Some Screenshots

Application Window

The menu, WIP Settings + EShiftBook screen, and process browser

Masterdata Maintenance

General purpose editor, mostly for fast masterdata maintenance.

Some reports

Chart, Graph as desired

Sytem Settings

Some of system settings

General Result Viewer

Used to show results in a grid with fast post filtering possibilities quick find, quick sum like calculations, toggleable chart, data forwarding, various data exports to many popular formats (XLSX, PDF, XML, TXT, CSV), built-in printing. Data export runs in background so the application can be still used while data export is in progress.